…great deal of success throughout the whole process!

Ellen served as agent for the sale of our condo and we had a great deal of success throughout the whole process. She gave great advice on what should be done to prepare the unit for showing without asking more than we had time to do, and she contributed to staging in important ways. She prepared us for what she expected to be a lot of showings and open houses. Most importantly, she gave us excellent advice on pricing to assure the property would attract interest and offers.

Ellen did an excellent job marketing the property on multiple websites, including one she set up herself. The pictures gave potential buyers a very good idea of what to expect when they visited.  She also hosted a very successful brokers’ open house to kick off the listing.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Ellen’s performance was speedy and painless communications when offers started coming in.  She was very clear in communicating the terms of each offer and did not hesitate to give her frank thoughts when we sought them. Notably, she developed good working relationships with all of the real estate professionals and lawyers involved in the process. Ellen’s responsiveness and timely communication was a theme throughout the process – but it never became time consuming or in any way overwhelming.

Finally, she is an exceptionally intelligent woman who will win your confidence within your first meeting. Having confidence in your agent is indispensable to maintaining your sanity through the process of buying and selling real estate – Ellen will get you through with your faculties intact.