Ellen is our realtor for life, as far as I’m concerned.  Twice now she’s helped us navigate the expensive and fast-moving Cambridge market, first to find what has to be one of the world’s best rentals, in 2010, and then to find the perfect condo for us to buy, in 2012.  In both situations she was attentive to detail, protective of our interests and budget, knowledgeable, and so attuned to what we were looking for that the match was both immediate and ideal.  Further, she’s a tough negotiator, and savvy about timing, getting our offer in the door before anyone else’s, and making sure that at each step we had the best possible professional team (inspector, lawyer, bank).  She talked us through our first-time homebuyer anxieties, helping us fight for necessary improvements, and helping us calm down about things that ultimately didn’t matter.   A great agent.